Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 12-Thursday... Sightseeing around Switzerland!

Today a couple of employees of Buhler, Tobias and Johannes, have so graciously decided to show us around the St. Gallen, Switzerland area! They were the best tour guides you could ask for! First we took a quick, educational stop at Switzerland's latest, state-of-the-art flour mill. This place was amazing and filled with all Buhler equipment! We couldn't take any pictures but it was pretty amazing! After that quick tour we made our way up the winding roads of the Alps toward Mount Saentis. Mt Saentis is the tallest mountain in Northeastern Switzerland and sits right at 2,502meters (or 8,209ft). Tobias treated us to a private cable car ride up to the top of Mount Saentis! The view at the top was breath-taking! We started our visit at the mountain top with a traditional Swiss dish for lunch, which included salad, schnitzel, but different than German schnitzel, it was pork loin wrapped in a dried meat and smothered with mushroom gravy all served with a side of veggies and spatzel followed with Swiss creme brulee, which was probably the best creme brulee I've ever had! Of course, we also enjoyed the local beer with lunch. After a very filling lunch, we headed outdoors to do some exploring. A large transmission tower and weather station are located on the top of the mountain as well. The clouds began to roll in so the spectacular view was limited, but still worth the trip!

Inside the cable car

View before we left in the cable car

View while going up

We made it to the top!

Transmitter and weather station

Transmission tower

The clouds moving in

Pretty purple flowers at the top

I could almost touch the clouds!

Snowball fight anyone?

The ride back down

View on the ride down

We made it down safely


Our lovely cable car

Nice wheels, Lotus anyone?

After our fill of the top of Mt. Saentis we headed back down on the cable car and headed over to the local cheese shop for some authentic Swiss cheese! Next, we were loaded up in the vans and headed to the scenic little Swiss town of Appenzell for some shopping!!! Finally, someplace with open shops for us to spend those euros! We stopped at the city center and made our way around all the shops. I found an amazing new purse that I just couldn't live without!! After a little bit of shopping and P. Kitty and Brian finding some ice cream, we headed back to St. Gallen via Tobias's 'short-cut'. This short-cut should have gotten us back to the hostel in 20-30 minutes but since we ended up getting lost it took over an hour to get back! Oh well... A quick pit-stop at the hotel, the purchase of a train ticket into the St. Gallen city center and we were ready for another dinner hosted by Buhler! Again, the food was phenomenal!

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