Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 1-Sunday... Hello Germany!!

We made it!! After almost a 9 hour flight we made it! Customs was a breeze, getting the rental vans was a little tricky... Apparently, you can't take the Mercedes out of the country so we're stuck with a VW. Oh well!

 First beer!!! Raddler= beer with a little lemonade. So yummy and refreshing!!
After an adventurous ride through the German country-side we made it to Bingen, where we would be staying for the night. We made it to the hotel but our rooms weren't ready, so we headed down the street to find some lunch. I had the Weiner schnitzel with pomme fritz (french fries) and a salad and it was pretty yummy! Of course we had to have a beer too... Super refreshing!
Room #414!!
Not too shabby, plus we had a view of the river!

After a quick nap we went on a boat tour of the Rhine River, which is right outside our hotel! While waiting for the boat to come, we got to do some awesome people watching! Its amazing how differently Americans and Europeans dress... Especially the shoes! It was pretty enjoyable and was the second highlight of my day, the first being a shower. Anyways... Across the river our some incredible looking vineyards... They are growing grapes on the side of the hill! I so wouldn't want to be the that has to pick those grapes! Wozers!

Castle in the side of the hill, surrounded by grape vines
Just bring your car with you to work on the barge

Grape vines

After the awesome boat tour we headed across the river, by boat, to Rudesheim for a dinner hosted by CSM Global, which we would have the opportunity to visit the next day. The boat ride was fun and walking around Rudesheim was also fun. I made my first purchase... A beer stein! And a Chinese fan (I know, who buys a Chinese fan in Germany, me but it'll look awesome on my new shelves in my bedroom!). The dinner hosted by CSM was fun too... They had live entertainment! The music and dancing kind of reminded me of American polka!lol The food and beer was wonderful. Sarah ordered a pretty fun drink as well. After, dinner we headed back across the river to our hotel but took the car ferry this time and a leisurely stroll back to the hotel. Everyone was definitely ready for a good nights sleep!

Beef Burgundy... Yum!

A tasty cocktail!

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