Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 13-Friday... Buhler Visit in Uzwil, Switzerland

Today we loaded up the vans and headed toward Uzwil, Switzerland to visit the headquarters of Buhler. Buhler is the leading manufacturer of flour milling, chocolate production and pelleting equipment. We started the day with a presentation on all the areas that Buhler has a hand it. This includes commodity food handling, processed food handling, advanced materials, die casting, feed and renewable energy. The equipment they produce is amazing! And the research conducted in their pilot facilities is even more amazing! After a tour of the equipment manufacturing facilities, we headed over to Buhler's pilot scale flour mill, which is also used for teaching the Swiss Milling School students. Here, we got to have a hands-on approach and touch the wheat and flour as it was being milled into different fractions. We even got our very own Buhler hats and flour slicks! Again, we couldn't take any pictures, but the tours were amazing and I am really considering looking at Buhler more seriously when graduation time comes rolling around.

US flag (center) along with the Swiss flag and Buhler flags, welcoming us!


After a very informative tour of Buhler we headed a few kilometers over to the Minor chocolate factory, for some of the best chocolate in Switzerland and a self-guided tour of the chocolate making process! It was yummy!! After stopping for chocolate we were on the road again and headed back to Germany, where we would be spending the rest of our trip in Dr. Maier's hometown of Villingen. On our way, we stopped at the Rhein Falls to do a little sightseeing. The Falls and scenery were beautiful!
Rhein Falls

View from the top of the falls

Beautiful purple flowers!

Kyle making it rain petals!!

View from the bottom of the falls

After the quick stop at Rhein Falls we continued on to Villingen. After we quickly dropped off our bags at the hotel in Villingen we headed to a local Italian restaurant for supper and it was delicious!

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