Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 10-Tuesday... Munich Area!

After the relaxing visit to the Eagle's Nest and Salzburg, we were ready for some more learning! The first stop today was to the Technical University of Munich, which was right up the road from the hotel. We started off with a few lectures on the starch research and analytical testing done at the University. We also got to tour a variety of labs at the University including those use for analytical baking analysis, mycotoxin detection and even equipment used to detect the different aromas found in bread! The amount of analytical testing going on was crazy and since they tend to work with such small sample sizes they had a miniature baking line! After the trip to the University we headed over to the Rosenmuhle owned by Kampffmeyer. This processed both wheat and rye into flour. Again, this was a state-of-the-art mill and one of the finest mills in all of Germany! One of the most interesting parts of the mill tour was seeing the automated system for truck unloading (of wheat or rye) and loading (flour). The system was completely automated and cleaning and filling was ran with the highest precision.
After our tours of the University and Rosenmuhl, we headed back to the hotel. After a quick pit-stop at the hotel, we ventured up the road to the Weihenstephan Brewery, also known as the oldest brewery in the world! Unfortunately, our tour of the mill took too long and we were unable to tour the brewery but we were able to have supper. And as always the beer was great and the food was even better! I had the traditional pub sausages with German potato salad!

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